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When Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s mega-yacht Eclipse docked in midtown Manhattan last February, it created frenzy among the Big Apple’s princes and paupers alike. 

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They flocked to the far west pier, usually reserved for cruise ships, just to get a glimpse of the 538-foot palace at sea.

At the time, Eclipse was the largest yacht in the world (and it’s still the largest available for charter), with 18 luxury cabins for up to 34 guests, two pools, a three-man submarine and three helipads facilitating quick transfers to the mainland. It reportedly cost north of $500 million to build and another $500,000 a week just to keep afloat, making a day at sea in this mega-yacht a mega-fantasy for nearly everybody on the planet.

But a jaunt through the Mediterranean on Eclipse with 33 of your closest friends isn’t completely out of reach. Back in 2011 Abramovich made the ship available for charter through the über-exclusive brokers of Super Yachts Monaco for a reported $2 million per week.

If that seems a bit steep, Abramovich’s mega-yacht Luna is also available for charter through Super Yachts Monaco for a slightly smaller per-week fee. Consider yourself warned, though—this yacht has only one on-deck pool.

If you have the means and are looking for a completely customized holiday, yacht charters are one way to go. While many mega-yachts remain in private hands, some of the most exquisite vessels in the world are available for charter if you’re willing to spend the dough.

Vacation planning starts with the select few brokerages that have access to the finest vessels at sea. “A luxury yacht charter is completely bespoke,” says Molly Browne, a charter broker out of Camper & Nicholsons International’s London office. “Even if a client plans an itinerary, once on board there is no need to adhere to it. Everything is flexible, and the broker and crew will do their best to ensure that all your needs are taken care of.”

Camper & Nicholsons would know a little bit about the world’s top yachts. The company was founded in 1782 as a premier shipbuilder and today is a global leader in the sale, charter and construction of mega-yachts. Take O’Mega, a 271-foot masterpiece with room for 30 guests and 28 crew that’s now available for charter after a multimillion-dollar refit with new interiors and top-notch tech.

Y.CO is another high-end brokerage yacht addicts have come to rely on. “Be it global exploration, large groups, holistic retreats, regatta racing, adrenaline fueling or just the ultimate relaxing experience, we have something for everyone,” says Y.CO marketing director Bianca McNulty. Among the stunners in this portfolio is Serene, a 439-foot boat with an underwater glass room that turns the ocean into your private aquarium and a helicopter hangar—and if you’re leaving the chopper at home, the hangar transforms into an indoor pool.

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